Happy Diwali & Happy New Year! PSU celebrated the Indian holiday

13.11.2019 09:13

For one day the second floor of Building 5 was turned into the museum of Indian history: Penza State University celebrated “Diwali”. Celebrating the Indian New Year has become traditional for international students and PSU staff: this year it has been held for the seventh time under the cultural marathon “Around the world in two semesters”.

The celebration was attended by students, staff members, teachers, graduates, as well as by honorary guests: G. Sintsov, Vice Rector for International Affairs, A. Mitroshin, Director of the Medical Institute, I. Moiseeva, Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine, S. Ivanchin, Head of the International Education Office.

The Vice Rector emphasized that such events contributed to promotion of international friendship: “New Year in Russia is a family holiday. I am absolutely delighted that today we are celebrating your holiday as a big and friendly family. Congratulations!”

The celebration started with the national exhibition where the guests got acquainted with the history of Indian Dynasties. Then in the concert hall of Building 5 the international students showed a theatrical performance which was accompanied with music and dancing.

Diwali is the most important Indian and Hindu holiday. Diwali symbolizes the victory of Good over Evil, and to honour this victory people light candles and torches everywhere. The major theme of the festival decorations is shining torches (traditional Dipa), lights, fireworks and candles which decorate the statues of animals and gods. Besides India, Diwali is celebrated everywhere where there are large Hindu communities: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nepal, Malaysia, South African Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Mauritius, Fiji, lately also in places with Indian immigrants: California and Seattle in the USA, London in Great Britain and other western big cities. It is also celebrated in Singapore, and not only by Indians.

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13.11.2019 09:13 Happy Diwali & Happy New Year! PSU celebrated the Indian holiday
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