PSU started implementing a professional development course under ENTEP international project

29.01.2020 15:48

On 27th Janurary, PSU started implementing a professional development course for the University teachers and staff members “Enhancing organization and teaching practice in terms of implementing the Bologna process principles”. The course was developed within the framework of implementing the Erasmus+ Capacity Building international project “Enhancing Teaching Practice in Higher Education in RUSSIA and CHINA – ENTEP”.

The aim of the programme is to develop psychological and pedagogical competences of the course-takers while implementing the main provisions of the student-centred approach within European Higher Education Area (EHEA) taking into account European best practices. The teachers Olga Androsova, Tatiana Glotova, Svetlana Vlazneva, Irina Kolchugina, Tatiana Razuvaeva, who underwent internship in European partner universities, will present information on designing educational programmes focused on learning outcomes and based on student-centred teaching and learning approach (SCTL), on innovative approaches and methods of learning outcomes assessment as well as on modern pedagogical approaches and teaching methods. 

The course materials are placed in electronic information and education environment at and are available for all teachers, staff members and students.

The course will be implemented during the year 2020; more than 100 people will be able to do it. At the end of the course  they will receive certificates in professional development.

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