A special training regime is introduced at Penza State University from 16th March

18.03.2020 11:19

Students will start distance learning on 18th March.

The corresponding order “On organizing educational activities for implementing the programmes of higher and secondary vocational education in conditions of preventing COVID 2019 in the Russian Federation” was signed by Rector Alexandr Gulyakov. It says that in the period from March 16 to 28, 2020, the University will organize work in the Moodle Platform using various educational technologies, including distance learning.

Students of all modes of study are transferred to distance learning with the exception of residency students.

Information on each studied course will be posted in the students’ personal accounts. At the same time, the University will adjust the schedule taking into account the inclusion of the courses that most meet the requirements of distance educational technologies.

Students living in residence halls are recommended to switch to distance learning at home.

The rector signed a decree on cancelling mass events with over 50 participants on the territory of the University for an indefinite period (until further notice). University staff and students traveling outside the Russian Federation now have to notify heads of departments or deans of faculties about the country of visit and duration of their stay in advance. Upon their arrival from abroad, temporary isolation at the place of residence is obligatory.

At PSU, safety, sanitary and anti-epidemic measures will be strengthened, additional disinfection facilities will be installed.

At the University, no cases of COVID 2019 have been detected.

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