Penza State University took a giant leap in the ARES universities ranking

17.04.2020 15:42

According to the results of the ranking compiled in 2020 by the European Scientific-Industrial Chamber, PSU took the 70th place, rising immediately over 90 positions.

The ARES ranking has existed for nine years; its originator is the European Chamber of Science and Industry. The goal of the ARES universities ranking is to assess the ability of universities to provide students with the necessary knowledge, the participation of an educational institution in research activities and the career prospects for graduates.

ARES ranking is calculated automatically, excluding the “human factor”. The European Higher Education Standards are accepted as evaluation criteria, which were approved by the BFUG Bologna Coordination Group and enacted at the EU Conference of Higher Education Ministers.

In addition to determining positions in the ranking, the European Scientific and Industrial Chamber gives an assessment to the participant universities, dividing them into four categories: A, B, C, D - according to the level of quality of teaching, research, the demand for graduates by employers, international cooperation, informatization, and international recognition of teaching staff, etc.

In 2020, 278 Russian universities passed the C threshold (last year 198 did it). The first place went to Moscow State University.

Penza State University was included in Group A and ended up in the top 70 universities of our country. This result is much better than in 2019 by 90 points.

“This result makes us happy and gives confidence that Penza State University is developing in the right direction and ensures high quality education,” commented Alexander Guliakov, Rector of PSU.

Among the Penza region universities, PSU has become the only representative in the ranking.

Results of the ranking

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