PSU international students from 38 countries lit the “Victory Lanterns”

13.05.2020 16:08

International students of Penza State University took part in the all-Russian campaign "Victory Lanterns". Such an event is held for the first time. It is aimed at uniting people who, due to the coronavirus pandemic, cannot go out on their favorite holiday.

To participate, you just had to go to the balcony or go to the window and light a flashlight - at 9:50 p.m. sharp the lit lights were combined into one visual whole, symbolizing the unfading memory of the feat accomplished by the heroes of World War II.

About 1200 lights lit by international students from 38 countries of the world shone in the windows of the PSU residence halls. According to Muhammad Kodirov, a student from Tajikistan, this campaign is a great opportunity to thank the heroes of that bloody war for the Victory.

“Students from different countries, including from the former USSR, live in our residence halls. Therefore, we could not help but participate in such an event, said Muhammad. - My family, like the families of other international university students, was not spared by the war: my grandfather, Mamadzhonov Meliboi, went to the front at the age of 17 as a volunteer. He fought on the territory of Belarus, Hungary, Poland, reached Germany and after the war, in 1946, returned home.”

As the students note, by participating in this campaign they wanted to express gratitude to those who fought for justice, for freedom, for our peaceful future. “It is especially pleasant that international students from other countries living in PSU residence halls also joined us, students from the neighboring countries. Together we honored the memory of soldiers,” said Muhammad Kodirov.

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