PSU awarded the best international students on the results of the academic year

02.07.2020 09:45

On June 29, members of the Department of Student Affairs, Office of International Education, Institute of International Cooperation, awarded the best international students on the results of the second semester of the 2019/2020 academic year. Due to the epidemiological situation, diplomas and letters of gratitude to the students living in the residence halls were sent by hand of heads of the residence halls.

Since January, international students have taken part in more than 20 cultural and sports events, including those in distance mode.

Following the results of the II half of the year the students were awarded:
- letters of gratitude for active participation in the Katyusha project dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, and an invaluable contribution to strengthening relations and an active cultural exchange between students, based on the principles of tolerance, goodwill and solidarity;
- certificates for winning the intellectual QUIZ, photo quest and the competition of readers among international students "Poetry shines above the Earth ..." in the official group of the Institute of International Cooperation in VKontakte;
- letters of gratitude for the active contribution to the development of the international residence hall;
- letters of gratitude for the active life position and conscientious attitude to the educational process.

Bhatt Utkarsh, the winner of the VI Contest “International Student of the Year”, which took place as part of the PSU “Student of the Year” Award, also received his award.

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