Water safety rules

24.07.2020 15:57

In the summer, hundreds of people rush to have a good time by rivers and lakes. But for your own safety, you must follow the basic rule how to behave on water.

The danger of being on water is most often represented by:
- strong current (including underwater);
- deep whirlpools;
- underwater cold springs.

- in unfamiliar places;
- in unequipped places;
- in strong winds.

It is STRONGLY FORBIDDEN to swim in water bodies equipped with warning signs "SWIMMING IS PROHIBITED!"

Here are some recommendations:
- It is better to swim in the morning or in the evening, when the sun is shining, but there is no danger of overheating;
- The temperature of the water must be at least 17-19 degrees; you cannot stay in the water for more than 20 minutes;
- You cannot bring yourself to chills. It is better to swim several times for 15-20 minutes, and play outdoor games during breaks;
- Do not suddenly enter or jump into the water after staying in the sun for a long time;
- Do not enter the water while intoxicated. Remember: drinking and swimming can be tragic!
- Do not swim behind the buoys or far from the shore if there are no buoys;
- Do not swim up to motor ships, boats;
- Do not lose sight of each other.

- Immediately call loudly for help: "The man is drowning!"
- Ask to call rescuers and an ambulance.
- Throw a lifebuoy ring, a long rope with a knot at the end, to the drowning man.
- Save a drowning person only if you can swim well and know the basic rules of first aid.

- Do not panic.
- Take off your extra clothes, shoes, shout, call for help.
- Turn on your back, spread your arms wide, relax, take a few deep breaths.
- If your leg is cramped, pinch the calf muscle several times. If that doesn't work, grasp your big toe firmly and straighten it sharply. Swim to the shore.

- Do not panic, try to turn your back to the wave;
- Press your arms bent at the elbows to the lower part of the chest and make several sharp exhales, helping with your hands;
- Then clear the nose of water and make a few swallowing movements;
- Having regained your breath, lie down on your stomach and move to the shore;
- If necessary, call people for help.

Remember: only following the rules of safe behavior on water can prevent disaster!


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