Penza and Flensburg: discussion of current issues of medicine

25.09.2020 14:11

On September 24, another video conference took place with the partners from Flensburg. The online meeting was dedicated to medical topics. It was attended by both representatives of the PSU Medical Institute (A.N.Mitroshin, I.Ya.Moiseeva), and representatives of Penza medical institutions: Burdenko regional hospital (M.V.Krasnov), Penza Regional Clinical Center for Specialized Types of Medical Care (S.B.Rybalkin, D.Yu.Kurmaeva, O.M.Chulkova, N.V.Svistunova). In addition, N.N. Davydova, the Head of the Department of medical education and personnel policy of the Ministry of Health of the Penza region, took part in the working meetings.

As part of the online meeting, German colleagues presented the organizational structure of the medical complexes in Flensburg: Stephan Jatzkowski spoke about the management and logistics system of the DIAKO medical complex, Dr. Guido Wölk shared information on the management system of St. Franziskus Hospital. The plans of the German colleagues include the unification of the two medical centers and the construction of a new campus to provide medical care not only for residents of Flensburg and its adjacent areas, but also for residents of other cities in northern Germany and Denmark (Flensburg is located near the border with Denmark).

The second part of the online meeting was dedicated to the exchange of experience in organizing medical care for patients with COVID infection. Prof. Dr. Ulf Linstedt, Head of Department of Intensive Care, presented the system of organizing medical care in Flensburg, while M.V. Krasnov, Head of the regional vascular center of Burdenko regional hospital, spoke about how medical care is organized in Burdenko regional hospital. After the presentations, a discussion took place: the colleagues could ask each other clarifying questions, exchange experience in the treatment of patients with COVID infection.

Prof. Dr. Machraoui shared information about the experience of organizing assistance to citizens who could not return to their homeland due to the closure of borders by many states. He presented the MED-HELP COVID-19 project - an online platform created to help those citizens who could not return home and faced many medical, psychological, and material problems. This project aroused great interest, as it can be implemented in other countries.

All participants of the online meeting emphasized the importance of holding such joint events in an online format in order to exchange experience for resolving issues on organizing medical care for patients.

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