A PSU international student becomes laureate of the competition "Student of the Year - 2020"

12.02.2021 12:07

Nosirjon Karimov from Tajikistan, a 5th year student of the Medical Institute of Penza State University, became a laureate in the "Medical Student of the Year" nomination at the "Student of the Year - 2020" award. The organizer of the award is traditionally the Youth Society of Students of Tajikistan. Its participants are Tajik students who study in universities of the Russian Federation and are active in creative, sports, cultural and scientific activities.

“To be honest, I entered this competition by accident - I submitted my application at the last moment. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The next step after submitting the application and portfolio was the filming of a video - for this I would like to express my gratitude to the Department of Student Affairs of the Institute of International Cooperation and the PSU Cinema and Photo Studio,” emphasized Nosirjon. “For me, the title of laureate is not only the reason for pride, but also an incentive for further work on myself.”

We congratulate Nosirjon on his successful performance and wish him further victories!

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12.02.2021 12:07 A PSU international student becomes laureate of the competition "Student of the Year - 2020"
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