Online project with Europa-Universität Flensburg (Germany)

30.03.2021 11:45

On March 29, an online project was launched with Europa-Universität Flensburg (Germany) on the topic “Europa und die Anderen” (Europe and others).

For 2 months, students of 16ИПС1 group of the Faculty of History, Languages and Literature, and master’s degree students of Europa-Universität Flensburg (programme "Culture - Language - Media") will jointly analyze literary works in German, highlighting intercultural issues.

During the first online meeting, project leaders prof. Dr. Julia-Karin Patrut, Dr. Jörn Bockmann and Tatiana Razuvaeva presented the concept of the project to the students. And already at the first meeting, the students jointly discussed two works by Wladimir Kaminer and the work of Yoko Tawada. According to the students, the problems of stereotypes and prejudices, which are reflected in the works under discussion, as well as strategies for building an intercultural dialogue based on the principles of mutual understanding, are of particular interest.

For a month and a half, EUF and PSU students will jointly work on the books by German and Russian authors of different epochs. It is especially important that such communication gives the opportunity to compare whether the opinions of Russian and German students about the same work coincide or differ, to what extent our cultural national background affects the understanding and interpretation of a literary text.

The next online meetings are scheduled for April 12, April 26 and May 3.

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