6th group of Penza universities staff successfully completed training within the ENTEP project

12.05.2021 08:35

The sixth group from among teaching and administrative staff of Penza universities successfully completed the professional development course “Enhancing teaching practice in terms of implementing the Bologna Process” at the Center for Teaching and Learning Erasmus+ (Penza State University).

The feature of this course was its focus on staff from other Penza universities, i.e. Penza State Technological University, Penza State Agricultural University, Penza State University of Architecture and Construction. The course was delivered online to provide all participants with the opportunity to undergo training.

The Center for Teaching and Learning Erasmus+ invited teaching staff from various study fields and representatives of universities international offices and became the platform for exchanging their practices.

In addition to topical issues of developing academic programmes related to the FSES 3++, the participants examined modern methods of teaching and learning, forms of assessing student learning outcomes and mechanisms for implementing feedback. They also discussed the specifics of conducting classes with international students.

The course has the practical focus, as the participants had to update the academic programme of one of the taught disciplines, taking into account new data received during the course. There are plans to implement the professional development course for the representatives of Russian universities and colleges in September 2021.

All course materials are posted in PSU digital learning environment in the public domain and on the website.

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12.05.2021 08:35 6th group of Penza universities staff successfully completed training within the ENTEP project
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