Chinese students in the field of study "Teacher Training", training programme "Music" complete their studies at PSU and GPU

15.06.2021 14:15

On June 10, 2021, a solemn ceremony dedicated to the bachelors’ graduation in the field of study "Teacher Training", training programme "Music", completing their studies at Penza State University and in parallel at the Gannan Normal University (GNU) was held online.

Penza State University began its cooperation with Gannan Normal University back in 2016. Within agreements reached, GNU students have the opportunity to receive education not only at their home university in China, but also at Penza State University. This allows them to receive a diploma from the GPU and a diploma from PSU upon completion of their studies. This year, 21 graduates from China are completing their studies under this scheme.

On behalf of the administration of Penza State University Gleb Sintsov, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Sergey Vasin, the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation and Mikhail Pyatin, the deputy director of V.G. Belinsky Institute of Teacher Education made a welcoming speech.

From the side of Gannan Normal University, Lu Chao, the rector of the GNU, Zhang Jing, the head of the international department, U ZHun'hua, the director of the Institute of Music, Chhong Yanhong, the curator of the Chinese-Russian group made a speech. Student Yao Jie spoke on behalf of the alumni and thanked the teachers of the GNU and especially the teachers of the Department of Music and Methods of Teaching Music at Penza State University, who not only taught students the basics of musical skills, but also acquainted them with Russian culture and music. The final chord of the meeting was the performance by the graduates of the Russian song "Kalinka - Malinka" in the folk style.

Both sides thanked each other for their support at a difficult time in the context of the COVID19 pandemic and expressed their hope for successful long-term cooperation in the future.

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