PSU hosted a meeting with foreign students following the results of the 2020/2021 academic year

02.06.2021 16:23

On Thursday, May 27, staff of the International Education Office of the Institute of International Cooperation held a meeting with foreign students of Penza State University. In order to avoid accidents, the students were reminded of the rules of behaviour during the summer holidays on the water, in the fire-dangerous season in the forest. The staff of the International Education Office made a special emphasis on the prevention of heat, sunstroke and tick bites.

Kirill Plotnikov, the head of Department of Foreign Student Accommodation, reminded of the rules on the territory of the university, the rules for living in student’s hostels, fire safety rules and the need to comply with the migration legislation of the Russian Federation.

Department of Student Affairs of the International Education Office of the Institute of International Cooperation awarded the best foreign students at the end of the second half of the 2020/2021 academic year. Since January of this year, foreign students have taken part in more than 20 cultural and sports events, including online format. The smartest foreign students were awarded with letters of acknowledgment for their active life position and conscientious attitude to the educational process.

Adel Ali Omar Makboul, the chairman of the International Students Association of the Penza Region also asked the students to show even greater zeal in the development of knowledge and activity in public life: “It was an incredibly eventful and rich year for achievements: the long-awaited 3rd place at the competition “Student Spring - 2021”, reaching the final of the festival of Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted “Rector’s cup”, successfully and productively organized camp of foreign students POLIS! Dare and remember that your student years is the brightest and most memorable period of your life."  For the first time, on behalf of the International Students Association, an award was presented for a significant contribution to the activities of the International Students Association of the Penza Region and an active life position.  This award was given to Zikrov Aliazgar, a student from Tajikistan.

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