Rector Aleksandr Guliakov congratulates the students on the Knowledge Day

02.09.2021 11:17

Dear friends and colleagues!

On behalf of the administration of Penza State University and on behalf of myself, I sincerely congratulate you on a wonderful holiday - the Knowledge Day! This is an important day, symbolizing the beginning of a new stage for everyone.

This first student holiday is of particular importance for first year students: you are entering adult student life. We are very glad that you have chosen Penza State University from all the universities in our region and in the country. It won't take you long to see that it was the right choice. Here you will gain solid knowledge, an up-to-date, demanded, interesting profession, and meet worthy teachers and mentors. And of course, you will make new friends.

I wish you to remember your student life as the brightest period, which, like a lighthouse, will shine for you for many years. Welcome to the big PSU family!

The enrollment campaign has shown that our University firmly holds the leading positions in the region. I am proud to say that in total 4119 people have entered PSU this year, but this is not the final figure, since enrollment to some stages of education (postgraduate course, extra-mural department) is still under way. Six first-year students showed the highest results in the Unified State Exam and scored 100 points in subjects. 626 school leavers of the 9th and 11th grades entered the Multidisciplinary College for secondary vocational education programs.

Education received at Penza State University is appreciated all over the world. Today, more than 2,000 boys and girls from 47 countries of the world are students of our University.

Our wonderful senior students! You are entering the final stage of your training. I hope that the years spent within the walls of PSU have become not only fruitful, but also happy for you. I wish you successful completion of your studies and a successful start into adulthood.

By tradition, on this day, I would like to address the teachers and our dear veterans with words of deep respect and gratitude. Your tireless work, your talent opened and are opening the way for our students to the professional future.

Yes, we celebrate this Knowledge Day at a difficult time and in a difficult, even alarming situation. The epidemic of the dangerous virus is still going on. However, we at Penza State University have done our best to start the new academic year on time and to ensure a normal, full-fledged educational process.

I wish everyone that the academic year that begins today will become successful, filled with victories and bright events.

Dear friends, congratulations on the Knowledge Day!

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