Eight PSU scientific journals are included in the international bibliographic database J-Gate (Bangalore, India)

21.10.2021 11:35

J-Gate is an international electronic portal that provides users with open access to specialized, professional, and scientific peer-reviewed publications of the world's largest publishers. Created in 2006, the J-Gate database today includes more than 55,000 journals, the data of which is updated daily.

The J-Gate platform has an intuitive and user-friendly interface and gives users complete control over their search filters. The platform is adapted for all mobile applications. To get acquainted with the resource, users are provided with test access.

This year, eight scientific journals of Penza State University got an opportunity to post their content on the J-Gate portal. Under the agreement, both current and archived issues of the following journals: Protistology; Russian Journal of Ecosystem Ecology; University Proceedings. Volga region. The Humanities; University Proceedings. Volga region. Medical sciences; University Proceedings. Volga region. Natural sciences; University Proceedings. Volga region. Physics and mathematics; University Proceedings. Volga region. Social sciences; University Proceedings. Volga region. Technical sciences.

Placing publications in the J-Gate international database creates additional opportunities to ensure citation of researchers - authors of the journal, as well as to increase research chops of the university publication as a whole.

Website: J-Gate

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