Penza States University holds a round table dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Commonwealth of Independent States

04.10.2021 10:55

Penza State University held a round table on the eve of the 30th anniversary since the Commonwealth of Independent States was founded. The event was attended by students and employees of the Faculty of History, Languages and Literature, Institute of Law, Institute of Economics and Administration, and representatives of the Institute of International Cooperation.

On December 8, 1991, as a result of signing of the Belovezha Accords by the heads of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine on the creation of the Union of Slavic States (SSG), the collapse of the Soviet Union was legally formalized. And 2 weeks later, on December 21, 1991, the declarations signed in Alma-Ata by the heads of 11 former Soviet republics marked the creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States. “One of the components of integrating the countries in the CIS format is educational integration, so in 2020, 280 international students graduated from our university, most of whom are representatives of the Commonwealth states, so today's round table is of great importance,” emphasized the organizers of the meeting.

Timofei Pervushkin, a student of the Faculty of History, Languages and Literature, Chairman of the Youth Department of the Regional Public Organization of Local History of the Penza Region, made a presentation on the topic "The main reasons for the collapse of the USSR and the formation of the CIS." Vladimir Shuvalov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of the Department of General History and Social Science,  analyzed the current state of the CIS, and Mukhammad Kodirov, a PSU  international student from Tajikistan, spoke about the integration of international students into the educational environment of a Russian university.“Despite the existing need to reform the Commonwealth, it retains the character of a large diplomatic platform where global guidelines for the future development on various issues are discussed. The Commonwealth undoubtedly serves the development and strengthening of good-neighborly relations and interethnic harmony,” summed up the meeting participants.

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