Researchers of the Polytechnic Institute presented projects to their Chinese colleagues

11.07.2022 16:46

On July 5, the projects of researchers from the Polytechnic Institute of Penza State University were presented at the 7th Round Table "Russian-Chinese scientific and technical cooperation in the development and implementation of advanced technologies." The event was held online.

The organizers of the meeting from the Russian side are the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, the International Union of Instrument Makers and Specialists in Information and Telecommunication Technologies. From the Chinese side - the Ministry of Science of China, the Department of Science and Technology of Harbin.

The purpose of the round table is to demonstrate Russian, Chinese, as well as joint Russian-Chinese innovative developments and projects with a high commercialization potential, to discuss the prospects for their implementation, as well as issues of training qualified personnel for high-tech and innovative industries by the universities of the two countries.

Researchers of the Polytechnic Institute, Penza State University, presented four projects at the international event:

“Automated system for synthesizing protective coatings with desired properties by microarc oxidation”. Scientific supervisor: Ekaterina Pecherskaya, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Head of the Department of Information and Measuring Equipment and Metrology;
“Photocatalysts of the visible range based on semiconductor oxides modified with metal particles”. Scientific supervisor: Igor Pronin, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Head of the Department of Nanoelectronics and Microelectronics;
“Imitation and training complex for assessing the psycho-emotional stability of space tourists in a virtual reality environment”. Scientific supervisor: Aleksandr Tychkov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Head of the Department of Radio Engineering and Radio Electronic Systems;
“Development of technology for detecting and classifying psycho-emotional states of a person by speech signals”. Scientific supervisor: Alan Alimuradov, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Director of the Student Research and Production Business Incubator.

The declared projects are published in the proceedings "Russian-Chinese scientific and technical cooperation in the development and implementation of advanced technologies", which is published in Russian and Chinese.

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