Penza State University hosts the project-training “UN Model”

31.10.2022 14:07

The students of the Institute of Law, who successfully completed the module “Protection of Human Rights within and across the European Union” under the ProEU project (granted by the European Union within Jean Monnet Actions in the Field of Higher Education), took part in organising and conducting the training with elements of the role-playing game “UN Model”. The multi-day training was arranged at Penza State University from 24 to 26 October 2022.

For three days, the participants held meetings, round-table discussions, workshops and debates to address the topical issues of the modern world, namely the threats to global security and stability, through using the tools of the world and European democracy institutions.

All events were held in the open-to-public format. Therefore, teachers and students from other faculties, as well as all interested persons from among legal professionals, public administrators, civil society activists, were able to participate in active discussions. Non-law students, who attended the training course “Challenges in monitoring and protecting human rights in the European Union and the Russian Federation” held on 30 May 2022 and 6-7 October 2022 as part of the ProEU project, also took part in the training “UN Model”.

The objectives of the event are promoting the principles and values of the United Nations, increasing political and legal literacy among young people, stimulating communication between students from different countries, encouraging democracy ideas based on the principles of mutual respect and tolerance. At the training “UN Model”, the participants act as representatives of the countries.

The ProEU project manager, Prof. Dr. Gleb Sintsov, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, handed over a welcoming address to the event participants and noted the high importance of considering the security issues within the events, like “UN Model”.

The event was also attended by Prof. Dr. Vitaly Goshulyak, Director of the Institute of Law. Following the training, he praised the students for their work and shared his impressions: “All the participants did a good job, as it is essential to state and voice personal opinion in the correct way. I think that such speaking skills training will help students become top professionals in the field of law.”

“The event allows all students to express their views regardless of their origin. I am very glad that the training “UN Model” is being held at Penza State University, and I am also very grateful to those who made efforts to organise the event. At the same time it was exciting and interesting to answer questions and guess what next might be asked after an appeal or statement on behalf of the country,” said Artur Ambaryan, who represented the Republic of South Africa during the event.

Based on the positive results of the event, the Institute of Law decided to hold the training “UN Model” annually.

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31.10.2022 14:07 Penza State University hosts the project-training “UN Model”