Miss World Folk Queen

Miss World Folk Queen is the beauty contest among international students of Penza State University.

This beauty pageant is aimed at creating favourable university environment for social adaptation of foreign nationals, their ethical and moral upbringing and creative personal fulfillment, as well as promotion of talented youth.

The objectives of the contest are as follows:

•    Encouraging international students to participate in creative and social life of the university;
•    Presenting beauty as a set of spiritual values, intellectual abilities, creative skills and physical characteristics of participants;
•    Identifying gifted students and assisting in the development of their skills.

For the first time the pageant Miss World Folk Queen was held at Penza State University on 17 November 2016. The event was initiated by the International Students Association.

The beauty contest is supervised by the International Office, Student Affairs Office and Student Trade Union Committee of PSU.

On 17 November 2017 Penza State University hosted the 2nd beauty pageant Miss World Folk Queen. The event brought together 10 students from 9 countries. They were Asad Merna Georges (Egypt), Choniya Gulamadova (Tajikistan), Anja Kintler (Germany), Benazir Usmanova (Tajikistan), Shrimali Jadhav (India), Ramine Gadaui (Tunisia), Zharkynay Bekkulova (Kyrgyzstan), Yulduz Rakhmankulova (Turkmenistan), Sara Ochuko (Nigeria), and Diana Momble (Ivory Coast).

This year the special guest of Miss World Folk Queen and one of the jury members was Grace Rayess, TV presenter of the Lebanese television station Al Jadeed and lecturer within the programmes of TV Broadcasting and Media Management at Arts, Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon.

The loting of beauty contest participants took place at the premises of Shikana Recreational Centre. The ladies faced extreme conditions, they were to refresh and demonstrate drivers’ skills.

The programme of the event comprised welcoming presentations of participants, catwalks in national and evening gowns, and some interviews to display students’ intelligence.

The beauty pageant culminated in the selection of three winners:

Miss World Folk Queen-2017 – Yulduz Rakhmankulova (Turkmenistan), who won the title Miss Grace


1st Vice-Miss World – Asad Merna Georges (Egypt) with the title Miss Kindness


2nd Vice-Miss World – Anja Kintler (Germany), who was awarded the title Miss Photo


Other participants received the following titles:

Miss Ingenuity and Miss Sociability (special prize of PSU press centre) – Sara Ochuko (Nigeria)


Miss Creativity – Zharkynay Bekkulova (Kyrgyzstan)


Miss Elegance – Ramine Gadaui (Tunisia)


Miss Tenacity – Benazir Usmanova (Tajikistan)

Miss Naturality – Choniya Gulamadova (Tajikistan)


Miss Subtlety – Shrimali Jadhav (India)


Miss Charm – Diana Momble (Ivory Coast)


Through their inner beauty, modesty and genuine talent, the ladies showed that all states can and should live in harmony and amity. During the event, the borders were erased and the walls between various ethnic groups were demolished.

The beauty pageant Miss World Folk Queen 2016

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