Miss World Folk Queen

One of the most remarkable events at Penza State University is Miss World Folk Queen among international students. The beauty and talent contest was initiated by the International Students Association of the Penza Region and first held in 2016.

This beauty pageant aims at creating favourable university environment for social adaptation of foreign nationals, their ethical and moral upbringing and creative personal fulfillment, as well as promotion of talented youth. Through their inner beauty, modesty and genuine talent, the participants may show that all states can and should live in harmony and amity. During the event, the borders are erased and the walls between various ethnic groups are demolished.

The objectives of the contest are as follows:

•    Encouraging international students to participate in creative and social life of the university;
•    Presenting beauty as a set of spiritual values, intellectual abilities, creative skills and physical characteristics of participants;
•    Identifying gifted students and assisting in the development of their skills.

Every year, the pageant is preceded by lengthy preparations. The participants develop business projects, attend trainings and workshopd, stage creative performances, as well as undergo complex interviews. In addition, they study different dances of the peoples of the world and rehearse fashion catwalks.

The programme of the event comprises:
•    welcoming presentations of participants,
•    video presentations,
•    catwalks in national gowns,
•    catwalks in evening gowns,
•    interviews to display students’ intelligence.


Winners of different years



Miss World Folk Queen – 2020 – Inri Reik (Indonesia)
1st Vice-Miss World – 2020  – Nino Valles Andri Natalya (Colombia)
2nd Vice-Miss World – 2020 – Hannah Kerestin Ashraf Rezk (Egypt)

Auditions Beauty pageant Photo shooting

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Miss World Folk Queen – 2019 – Nagima Zhyrgalbek (Kyrzyzstan)
1st Vice-Miss World – 2019  – Rugsat Khallyeva (Turkmenistan)
2nd Vice-Miss World – 2019 – Randa Alamin Hassan Hamed (Sudan)

Auditions Beauty pageant Photo shooting

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Miss World Folk Queen – 2018, 2nd Vice-Miss PSU – 2018 – Ayym Kutmanova (Kyrgyzstan)
1st Vice-Miss World – 2018  – Leyli Shokhradova (Turkmenistan)
2nd Vice-Miss World – 2018 – Prachi Patel (India)

Auditions Beauty pageant Photo shooting

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Miss World Folk Queen – 2017 – Yulduz Rakhmankulova (Turkmenistan)
1st Vice-Miss World – 2017  – Asad Merna Georges (Egypt)
2nd Vice-Miss World – 2017 – Anja Kintler (Germany)

Auditions Beauty pageant

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Miss World Folk Queen – 2016 – Daphne Duruoha (Nigeria)
1st Vice-Miss World – 2016 – Phiruza Novruzova (Azerbaijan)
2nd Vice-Miss World – 2016 – Avani Patel (India)

Ballout Beauty pageant

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