Residents of the Medical Institute, PSU, are practicing in clinics of Germany

29.11.2018 10:21

Viktoria Kupchinina and Aleksei Moshensky, residents of the Medical Institute, PSU, have been doing medical practical training at Flensburg clinics (Germany).

In Germany, the medical education system is at the highest level of development. Thanks to an internship at the Ev.-Luth. Diakonissenkrankenhaus clinic in Flensburg, the students are getting valuable medical knowledge and skills. Broadening horizons, communicating with professionals of foreign medicine, applying the existing skills into practice and acquiring new ones are only a small part of the benefits that they receive during their practical training.

The students got the chance to get to know German healthcare system from the “inside” for three months.

Viktoria Kupchinina: “I am fascinated by the communication between doctors and patients, and their relatives - it is easy, free and friendly. Everything is explained to the patient in a most detailed way - what, why and how he is being treated, how and with what instruments the operation is being performed, its risks and complications. In terms of treatment, a lot of attention is paid to the psychological state of people. One can’t help but notice the highest class of hospital equipment.

I have been spending three months of practice in the department of obstetrics and gynecology. This period is extremely intensive. In Germany, an obstetrician-gynecologist performs not only manipulations that are familiar to us in Russia, but also deals with issues of mammology and oncology in the gynecological area. In this regard, I am improving my knowledge and acquiring new practical skills in two more interesting sections of medicine”.

Aleksei Moshensky: “I am having practical training in Germany, in the ENT Maltezer SFH hospital in Flensburg. This practice provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the methods of treatment of ENT diseases at one of the leading clinics in Germany, to learn to perform ENT examinations using standard tools (rhinoscope, headlight, otoscope, spreader), to learn how to carry out endoscopic examinations. I attend many surgeries (tonsillotomy, adenotomy, paracentesis + transtimpanal drainage installation, tonsillectomy, operations on the paranasal sinuses, lancing of abscess, etc.). Sometimes I get an opportunity to assist (laryngectomy, removing metastases on the neck, removing neck tumors). Moreover, I am improving German speaking skills, as it is easier and more efficient to learn the language in the linguistic environment.

The students note that this practical training is the impetus for their further professional development.

It should be emphasized that the students worked hard to get the opportunity to have their practical training at the clinics of Flensburg: the main requirement for the students is to speak German at a level not lower than B2 (on the Common European Framework of Reference). In addition, you must pass a competitive selection to participate in the programme.

This program is going on.  At the present time students of the Medical Institute, who want to try their strength and take part in the competitive selection, are studying the German language at the base of the language training department and international testing. For details on participation in the program you can contact by phone: 54-83-90, 36-80-80 (department of language training and international testing).

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