PSU will cooperate with the leading university of Yemen

02.10.2019 11:39

Bilateral talks conducted by Rector Aleksandr Gulyakov with the representatives of Hadhramout University on 27th September resulted in the cooperation agreement between Penza State University and the Yemen University.

“We closely cooperate with the Arab states. Currently about 400 Arab students are studying at Penza State University. They demonstrate good results in their studies and, in general, they are dignified representatives of their home countries. We are interested in having more students of this kind”, said Aleksandr Gulyakov.

The Arab delegation contained: Hanbash Mohamed Said Mabrouk (President of the University), Aidi Abdullah Alavi Mohamed (General Secretary of the Univesity), Ba-Beair Abdulla Saleh Omer (Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs), Basalib Hussein Abdullah Yaslam (the University President’s Staff Manager), Bin Dahman Lofti Said Mahfoudh (Head of International Cooperation Office) and Samaha Bashir (Chairman of the National Arab-Russian Association).

PSU closely cooperates with the National Arab-Russian Association. Its Chairman Bashir Samaha is conducting huge work on informing management of Arab universities by telling them about Penza State University and possible areas of cooperation with the leading Penza university. Bahir Samaha is also Chairman of the Federation of Russian and Arab Universities Rectors and one of his priorities is developing relationships between Russian and Arab universities.

Gleb Sintsov, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, PSU, introduced the guests to Penza State University in the course of bilateral meeting.

The Yemen University representatives demonstrated interest in internship programmes for Hadhramout University students in PSU in engineering, economics and medicine and, in their turn, they are ready to host Penza exchange students participating in academic mobility programmes.

The guests also went sightseeing and got acquainted with Penza memorials. To honour the memory of the Penza participants in the World War II, they laid flowers at the monument of military and labour glory.

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