Students of the Institute of International Cooperation took part in the festival "Suvorov porridge"

21.09.2020 19:21

On Saturday, September 19th, the village of Suvorovo, Luninsky District, hosted a traditional military-patriotic festival "Suvorov Porridge" (“Suvorovskaya Kasha”), aimed at preserving the traditions of love and respect for the Motherland. It was attended by international students of the Institute of International Cooperation of PSU, among them were the representatives of Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Colombia, India and Arab countries.

Within the framework of the festival, sports competitions, staging of military-patriotic songs, and workshops were held. International students were able to plunge into another era and participate in the reconstruction of events. They had an opportunity to taste over 30 different cereals, which were prepared according to the old recipes, and to visit exhibitions.

Nino Valles Andri Natalya, a first-year student from Colombia, arrived in Russia not so long ago and immediately got to the festival: "I am very glad that I got the chance to immerse myself in the atmosphere of the holiday and get to know Russian national culture better."

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