Teacher Training: English Language Teacher

Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)
ECTS: 240
Fields of study: Humanities, Modern Languages, Pedagogy
Languages of instruction: English



The programme focuses both on providing theoretical foundation and practical experience of English language learning and teaching.

The course includes lectures, collaborative seminars and workshops, contact study hours, student independent work.

The teachers try to promote teacher-student interaction, create exciting and encouraging learner environment.




•    to prepare the student for professional challenges of a teaching career
•    to give transferable knowledge on teaching methodologies and provide practical teaching techniques
•    to teach effective use of ICT in modern classroom
•    to give in-depth knowledge of the English language - modern grammar, phonetics, and vocabulary, systemic integrity, historical development, semantics and pragmatics.
•    to continually develop necessary English language skills in written and oral comprehension and communication
•    to give insights from current research and teach required research skills in linguistics and English language acquisition
•    to familiarise the students with the history and culture of the English-speaking countries and develop a personality ready for communication in the multi-cultural world
•    to provide theoretical foundation and practical experience of  learner psychology
•    to teach classroom and behaviour management
•    to encourage self-evaluation and self-development of a teaching professional
•    to train a specialist committed to lifelong personal and professional development




On successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:
•    apply the existing methodologies of  English language teaching and follow the trends in the methodology of English language teaching
•    develop course curricula and lessons plans
•    design new methods and techniques of teaching
•    collect and use authentic materials for the learners’ needs
•    use ICT in the classroom
•    communicate and use the English language at the level of proficiency, according to the common European framework of reference for languages
•    establish productive communication with the learners
•    create motivating learning environment
•    use language learning as a tool of developing the learner’s personality, general abilities, and social skills
•    assess the learners’ feedback, analyse it and infer methods of further actions
•    respond to diverse learners’ needs
•    manage the process of teaching at various levels




The course graduates are ready to work as English language teachers in educational institutions of any level and type – kindergartens, primary (6-10) and secondary schools (11-17); specialised schools, schools for children with special needs. They are also employed as teachers in private language schools.

Comprehensive knowledge of psychology, pedagogy allows the graduates to find employment in any establishment that provides educational services to children and adults – schools of distant learning, schools of continuing education.

Apart from teaching, the graduates may choose non-teaching careers in the educational sector. They may work as learning mentors, educational psychologists.

Graduates may also choose to work as education management professionals – coordinators, administrators in the educational sphere.



1st semester ECTS 2nd semester  ECTS
English Language 2 English Language 4
Speaking and Writing Practice 4 Speaking and Writing Practice 2
Practical Phonetics 2 Practical Phonetics 4
Practical Grammar 3 Practical Grammar 3
History of English Speaking Countries 4 Applied Physical Training 2
Applied Physical Training 2 Linguo-Didactic Practice 3
3rd semester ECTS 4th semester ECTS
Speaking and Writing Practice 3 Speaking and Writing Practice 6
Practical Phonetics 4 Practical Grammar 6
Practical Grammar 3 Second Foreign Language (German) 3
Applied Physical Training 2 Second Foreign Language (French) 3
    Applied Physical Training 1
    Linguo-Didactic Practice 3
5th semester ECTS 6th semester ECTS
Theoretical Phonetics 2 Lexicology 2
Speaking and Writing Practice 4 Speaking and Writing Practice 3
Practical Grammar 3 Culture and Art in English Speaking Countries 2
History of English 4 Second Foreign Language (German) 4
Second Foreign Language (German) 6 Second Foreign Language (French) 4
Second Foreign Language (French) 6 Physical Training 1
Physical Training 1 Psychological and Pedagogical Practice 6
    Practice on Acquiring Professional Skills 6
7th semester ECTS 8th semester ECTS
Stylistics 4 Theoretical Grammar 3
Practice in Communication Culture 6 Language and Country Studies 3
History of English Literature 4 Second Foreign Language (German) 4
Second Foreign Language (German) 4 Second Foreign Language (French) 4
Second Foreign Language (French) 4 Literary Text as an Object of Linguistic Studies 4
Comparative Typology 3 Pedagogical practice 9


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