EUF delegation visit to PSU underway

26.04.2018 15:43

On 24 April 2018, two professors and ten students from the European University of Flensburg attended the lecture of Ekaterina Aleshina, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages (V.G. Belinsky Institute of Teacher Education, PSU). They also were present at the practical classes given by Tatyana Razuvaeva, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages.

The German colleagues participated in classes with great interest and noted that they will use some methods of analysing literary works in the course of their seminars.

In addition, the German students held the meeting “Wir sprechen Deutsch” (“We speak German”) for Penza schoolchildren. At the event, the students presented interesting facts about Germany using the interactive methods. They also organised the quiz game for the meeting participants.

Moreover, the working meeting was held to discuss the joint double diploma Master’s degree programme. Specific actions for preparing the required documents for its launch were identified.

The agenda of 25 April was also eventful. The Russian and German students discussed the role of stereotypes and prejudices in modern society, compared their ideas about cultures of Russia and Germany. All students emphasised the importance of interaction with representatives of a particular culture in order to overcome negative cliches and ideas. This interaction promotes tolerant communication that is free from preconceived notions and narrow mindedness.

Professor Sybille Mahat delivered a public lecture on the role of cross-cultural communication in the modern world.

Following this lecture, the German delegation took part in the qualifying stage of the festival-contest in foreign languages “When we are together”. The German students and professors commended the high artistic sense of Penza schoolchildren and their skills in giving dance and vocal performance.

On 26 April, Professor Jorn Bockmann will conduct a seminar and the in-person stage of German classes competition “Methodical mosaic” will be held. While a lecture and seminar of German professors, as well as joint project lessons with PSU students are scheduled for 27 April.

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