PSU dental student underwent internship in Germany

04.09.2018 10:29

Within a month (from 25 July to 23 August), Elena Shpak, 5-year student of the Faculty of Dentistry, gained expertise accumulated by German colleagues.

Penza State University student completed clinical practice at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Maxillofacial and Anaplastic Surgery at the premises of Malteser Krankenhaus St. Franziskus-Hospital in the city of Flensburg (Germany).

Elena Shpak participated in the debates on medical cases. In addition, she assisted during surgical interventions and filled in medical documents.

“I will definitely put into practice new knowledge and skills, which I obtained while working together with German colleagues. I hope that fruitful cooperation within the agreement between Penza and Flensburg for students of PSU Medical Institute will continue,” the dental student shared.

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