Post-graduate student of “Computer Engineering” Department of PSU makes a report at a conference in the USA

06.11.2018 16:13

Dmitry Drozdov, a post-graduate student of “Computer Engineering” Department, Polytechnic Institute, Penza State University, made a report at the international conference IECON 2018 (The 44rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society), which took place on 21-23 October in Washington (USA).

Dmitry’s report under the title «Formal verification of protection functions for power distribution networks» was dedicated to formal verification of protection and recovery systems in case of fault for smart power networks (SmartGrid), which are supposed to significantly improve technical-and-economic and exploitation characteristics of the existing power generating systems.

The conference theme included issues of theory and practice in electronics, power systems, management, mechatronics, robotics, information and communication technologies, tools and computer intelligence applied to industry and production. The work of the conference was organized as a big number of regular and special sections (about 60).

“Dmitry’s participation at such a respectable conference will enable us to achieve an international level for his thesis, gain experience in making reports at serious research and engineering conferences, broaden outlook”, said V.N. Dubinin, Dmitry’s research supervisor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor at the “Computer Engineering” Department.

Dmitry’s work was done under joint research conducted at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden (research supervisor is V. Vyatkin, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor) and Penza State University. This work has also been supported by scholarship of the RF President to study abroad in 2018/2019.

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06.11.2018 16:13 Post-graduate student of “Computer Engineering” Department of PSU makes a report at a conference in the USA
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