“French Song” at PSU celebrated its anniversary

04.06.2019 09:31

On May 22, a festival of French song was launched at the Faculty of History, Languages and Literature, PSU. This is the twentieth concert, which brings together lovers of the French language and music.

“This is not just an ordinary event. This is not a competitive programme with a competitive spirit and desire to become the first. This is a very friendly atmosphere of endless pleasure and cooperation”, said Olga Sukhova, Dean of the Faculty of History, Languages and Literature.

Among the participants are Penza pupils and students and teachers of the Institute of Teacher Education. In total, about 40 artists showed their performances.

“I have been participating in the Festival for the fifth year already. At first as a pupil, and now as a first-year student”, says Sandra Raduan, a student of the Faculty of History, Languages and Literature. “For me it is the language practices, new acquaintances and friends. And creativity, of course.”

This year, special guests of the festival performed on the stage of the Institute of Teacher Education. They are Pierre-Michel Werber, a composer and arranger, and Michael Lelong, a finalist of the French vocal show “Voice” in 2013. Michael visited the festival in 2014. This time the artist presented a nine-part concert programme to the audience.

Melodies of the festival will be played today as well. The closing concert was held at the Regional Philharmonic.

Photos from Festival

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