PSU students have medical practice in German DIAKO clinics

29.07.2019 16:14

Four students from Medical Institute, PSU, are completing their medical practice in the clinics of DIAKO complex in Flensburg, Germany. Note that this type of cooperation has existed since 2016, when A.D. Gulyakov, Rector of PSU, and heads of Flensburg clinics signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Association of Medical Clinics of Flensburg (Germany) under the 5th Flensburg-Penza Congress (Flensburg). From July 1 to July 31 the students from Medical Institute, PSU, are having their medical practice at different departments: Diana Devlikamova – at the department of laboratory research and transfusion medicine; Alina Elistratova – at the department of urology, Alshbul Taha Mohammad Taha – at the department of accident surgery, Anastasia Skladchikova – at the department of neurology.

The students are sharing their impressions of the practice.

Diana Devlikamova: “First of all I want to emphasize the friendly attitude of the laboratory staff towards me. It helps me overcome my fears concerning communication in German. If I misunderstand something, they try to explain it to me in every possible way. One cannot but mention up-to-date equipment at the laboratory and high competence of the medical staff. Most part of work at the laboratory is automated; the staff only draw medical conclusions and make corrections, or conduct routine research if there are any contradictory results. At the department of microbiology, vice versa, most part of work is routine research with the use of modern reagents. This medical practice gives me opportunity to see how laboratory research is done and how to evaluate its results. It will be definitely helpful in my future”.

Alina Elistratova: “What surprised me most is the people’s kind-heartedness and friendliness. Since the first day there I have been feeling that I am an “insider”. My choice of the department was very successful because I am practicing exactly those skills which are necessary for my future profession. I have assisted during operations, conducted ultrasound investigation, computer tomography, etc. – everything a good doctor must be able to do. The equipment is up-to-date. Everything is of the highest level”.

Alshbul Taha Mohammad Taha: “I have chosen the department for the practice myself – the department of accident surgery has always been my dream. This sphere is actively developing nowadays. If you want to be a doctor, you should be the best doctor, and the best doctor of this sphere at that. The working day starts at 7.30. Until 8 o’clock all the doctors gather to plan and discuss the patients’ treatment. From 8 to 9 the doctor discharges patients. From 9 to 11 there is patient round where we check clinical records. Then we perform different manipulations: punctures, bone marrow withdrawal, etc. Then, until 4 p.m. the doctor is engaged with new and current patients and plans his work for the next day”.

Anastasia Skladchikova: “My impressions of the practice are wonderful; I like it a lot here. I am delighted with the clinic. I especially like how efficiently the clinic and the staff work are organized. I am impressed with the comfortable conditions of the in-patient department.  I am happy that we have this great opportunity to get acquainted with and to adopt practices of the European clinic doctors”.

On August 1, four more Medical Institute students are arriving in Flensburg to have their medical practice.

It is planned that the results of our students’ medical practices will be discussed within the framework of 7th Penza-Flensburg Congress which will take place at our University from 10 to 14 September, 2019. Besides, admission of students to next year medical practices will be discussed.

Remember that the necessary condition for students to participate in this programme is good knowledge of the German language (at least B1 level), positive recommendations from the Dean’s office of Medical Institute and good standing.

If you have any questions about the programme and German language courses, please, contact the Language and Examination Centre. Tel.: 36-80-80, 54-83-90 (Building 3, Room 203б; Building 11, Room 110), e-mail:

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