7th Flensburg - Penza Congress opens at PSU

11.09.2019 11:42

For the seventh time, the representatives of Russia and Germany participate in the landmark event for international cooperation between Penza State University and Flensburg organizations and institutions. Flensburg - Penza Congress is held annually in two partner cities successively.

This year, Penza State University hosts the event, which opened on 10th September 2019 and attracted 19 German nationals, who arrived in Penza.

Opening the meeting, Dr. Aleksandr Guliakov, Rector of PSU, greeted the guests in German. “Our cooperation has already resulted in specific projects within the framework of academic mobility, joint educations programmes and scientific advancements. We are heading in the right direction,” Aleksandr Guliakov stressed.

PSU Rector recalled the milestones of collaboration. “Since 2011, we have been cooperating with the European University of Flensburg. Since 2016, we have been implementing joint interesting projects with Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. Since 2016, PSU and DIAKO Medical Clinics are reliable partners: 18 representatives of our university have completed internships there,” he added.

2019 is declared the year of scientific and educational partnership between Russia and Germany. “Our cooperation is very productive! But we must go further. We need to set new goals and identify new tasks,” Aleksandr Guliakov summarised and wished the congress participants effective session.

Swetlana Krätzschmar also spoke about mutually beneficial collaboration in her speech. The former President of Flensburg and public figure is closely engaged in promoting PSU brand in the European community. “Within the congress, we will discuss the topics devoted to education, medicine and economics. We will look for common ground in new projects,” Swetlana Krätzschmar noted.

The congress was supported by the Embassy of Germany in the Russian Federation. On behalf of the embassy, Petra Stöckl, Deputy Head of the Press and Public Relations Department and Regional Representative of the Embassy of Germany in the Penza Region, greeted the participants: “I am delighted to visit Penza for the first time and participate in the congress. We see it vital to work with the regions: Russia is not limited to Moscow, it is Penza. That’s why I am here following Ellen von Zitzewitz, who entrusted me with coordinating your city,” she emphasized.

The development of cooperation between the two cities was significantly encouraged by Dr. Peter Lorenzen, who founded Flensburg Penza Friendship Society. We recall that Peter Lorenzen is the grandson of Anatoly Lilienfeld von Toal, Governor of the Penza Region.

“I keep asking myself what else I can do to foster our cooperation. I can continue to draw new people into it. This time my brothers Detlef and Hans and my nephew Julius came with me, who will definitely contribute to the congress,” Peter Lorenzen said and wished the 7th congress great success.

Prof. Dr. Sergei Vasin, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, and Prof. Dr. Gleb Sintsov, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, dwelled on the indicators and results that were achieved in the course of cooperation. They also incentified further advancement of collaboration in terms of increasing the mobility of academic and administrative staff, expanding the range of joint research and development and implementing the joint double degree educational programmes.

“During the congress, we are planning to discuss with the representatives of the European University of Flensburg the opening of the joint Master’s double degree programme “Languages, Culture, Media” and other relevant issues,” Gleb Sintsov emphasised.

On behalf of Flensburg universities, Dr. Sibylle Machat (Academic Head of the Master’s degree programme “Culture, Languages, Media”, European University of Flensburg) and Prof. Dr. Antje Labes (Dean of the Faculty of Energy and Biotechnology, University of Applied Sciences) highlighted the achieved results and prospects for cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Abderrahman Machraoui, cardiologist, Honorary Doctor of PSU, and Prof. Dr. Aleksandr Mitroshin, Director of PSU Medical Institute, presented the outcomes of cooperation in medicine between Penza State University and the Association of Flensburg Clinics.

Prof. Aleksandr Klimashevich shared his experience of undergoing internship in Germany in the field of surgery. “I was very interested in the process of medical personnel formation. The selection here begins even in elementary school,” he outlined.

Both former and present students shared their impressions of the internships. Anja Kintler, alumnus of the European University of Flensburg, completed 6-month teaching internship in Penza. Nowadays, she teaches German at school in Sofia. Aleksey Moshensky, resident physician of PSU Medical Institute, trained in Flensburg in the field of otorhinolaryngology. “I gained considerable experience during the internship in Germany,” he summed up.

Four days of productive work lie ahead of the congress participants.

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