Research Conference in Sanya (China) under ENTEP international project

25.11.2019 15:51

On 19th-20th November, 2019, the University of Sanya (China) hosted the conference «Framing Challenges in Higher Education: Bridging the gap between Russia, China and Europe» under the implementation of the ENTEP international project. Prof. Holger Kuße, the ENTEP project coordinator, and Dang Lu, Rector of the University of Sanya, greeted the guests with welcoming words.

On the first day, the plenary meeting was held, where general tendencies of developing higher education in Europe, Russia and China in the context of the Bologna process were presented. Foreign, Russian and Chinese experts made their reports. T.A. Razuvaeva, Head of the International Projects Department, made a report dedicated to developing the Bologna process within the system of higher education in Russia “Teaching in new learning environments: closing and bridging the gap between higher education policy and practice”.

On the second day, the discussions were organized in three working groups. PSU representatives made their reports: O.E. Androsova and S.A. Vlazneva spoke on the topic “Challenges of teaching in the multicultural educational space”, while T.V. Glotova and I.G. Kolchugina presented their idea on the topic “Professional training in the framework of digitalization: innovative approaches to IT and pedagogical technologies”.

Besides, T.A. Razuvaeva took part in the meeting of coordinators of the project’s partner-institutions. In the course of the meeting, the participants discussed the results obtained as well as outlined further plans on the project implementation. Starting from January, 2020, PSU will begin implementing the practical stage of the project: delivering courses on professional development for teachers in modern teaching methods, assessing learning outcomes in the context of the student-centred approach.

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25.11.2019 15:51 Research Conference in Sanya (China) under ENTEP international project
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