PSU graduate entered top-3 of the best beginner doctors in India

12.02.2020 12:58

The third place out of 1100 people was occupied by Yadav Bunisha, a graduate of the Medical Institute, Penza State University, on the results of the Screening Test which is annually conducted in India for those who received higher medical education abroad. This test is obligatory in India, as this country is known for a high level of medicine and medical services. Only if the candidates get a good results, do they have the right for medical practice in the country. It is quite difficult to pass the test: the average percentage of those who passed it in 2019 was only 22%.

Graduates from Russian medical institutions are among the young doctors who got higher education outside India and have to take the test. This year the amount of test-takers was 6000 people who studied in Voronezh, Saratov, Kursk, and other cities, including Penza. In 2019 the first group of students graduated from the Medical Institute, PSU. Among them was Yadav Bunisha who completed the course of studies with distinction. On the results of the Screening Test, she got 234 points out of 300, and was acknowledged to be one of the best beginner doctors in India.

The level of knowledge obtained at PSU by international students is very high. It was also marked by the graduates' parents who visited the University. "I always test my son in different subjects. He demonstrates good results. My son has wanted to be a doctor since childhood, it has always been his ambition. He was delighted when he entered PSU. His dream has come true thanks to Penza State University", said Dr. Patil Pradip, Director of Mansi Clinic in the city of Navsari, general practitioner, Patil Rohit's father.

"Beside Yadav, five more PSU graduates were able to get more than 200 points at the Screening Test", said Gleb Sintsov, Vice-Rector for International Affairs. "It is a very good results, because our graduates were best among the young doctors who studied in Russia".

According to Gleb Sintsov, this result was achieved owing to a good system of training international students at the Medical Institute, PSU. Moreover, Institute of International Cooperation has a programme of special training for Screening Test developed in cooperation with Yuvraj Solanki, Director of "RUS EDU Corporation". This system involves additional training cycles where Indian doctors, medical experts help their future colleagues.

Thanks to this complex approach, the results of the Screening Test for PSU graduates showed that  Penza State University occupies the leading position among Russian regional universities in training international students.

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