PSU entered the Forbes list

25.06.2020 10:47

Forbes presents a new ranking of the 100 best Russian universities - 2020. Penza State University is among the leading universities. PSU takes the 78th line of the ranking.

This year, the ranking methodology has undergone some changes.

“When preparing the ranking of 100 best universities, we decided to change the approach to university research,” explain the authors of the study on the economics of education, which was conducted by the Higher School of Economics.

Evaluation of universities took several positions into consideration. In the metric “Quality of education”, monitoring data of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia were still taken into account. However, this criterion was supplemented by a new parameter, “Teacher Quality,” which included assessments of teacher salaries, the ratio of teachers and students, the presence and proportion of international teachers.

According to the parameter “International activity”, the proportion of international students, the organization of international internships, and joint double degrees programmes with foreign universities are estimated.

The approach to the analysis of the parameter "State examination level" of students admitted to study at universities remained the same.

“In addition, we decided to conduct our research and find out graduates of which university are most demanded by employers. It was from their answers that we formed an updated metric "Quality of graduates," commented the authors of the ranking. - Together with the Avito Work service, we sent inquiries to 127 largest companies and asked them to answer three questions: “Which universities did you hire graduates from in 2019–2020?”, “Recent (up to 5 years) graduates of which universities received higher salaries and / or promotion in 2019–2020? "," Which universities would you like to hire graduates from in priority order, who, in your opinion, is the most prepared? ". The survey involved 59 companies, the total number of employees is 4 million people. The larger the company, the greater the weight assigned to its voice. The company's voice was distributed among all the universities that were noted in its questionnaire: the fewer universities, the higher the ranking related to a particular university.”

The approach to the Forbes Factor metric has been changed, and now the elitism of the educational institution is reflected here. We took into account the presence of universities in leading foreign rankings - QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education, as well as “rejuvenated” the composition of well-known alumni and students: those universities in which children from the list of 200 richest businessmen of Russia and nominees of the ranking of young and successful Russians received ranking according to Forbes "30 to 30."

A change in methodology entailed a shift in the ranking compared to last year. This year the ranking was headed by the Higher School of Economics. Moscow State University soared to the second place. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology kept its place in the top three.

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