Penza has become a second home for PSU international students

30.07.2020 10:43

In 2020, 280 international students from 29 countries of the world received diplomas of higher education. In addition, two people completed their residency training, two people - post-graduate course, and 13 people – master’s degree course.

154 international students have become certified graduates of the Medical Institute, of which 92 were enrolled in the programme using the intermediate language. 115 people graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine in "General Medicine", "Medical Cybernetics", "Biotechnical Systems and Technologies" and "Pharmacy". 21 people graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry.

One of the brightest graduates of 2020, Valeria Turenko, a native of Moldova, a graduate of the Medical Institute with a degree in medical cybernetics - admits that after six years of studying at PSU, everything here became familiar to her: “These were very eventful, creative and funny years of my life. Penza has really become a second home for me, and my teachers, groupmates and my friends have become my family. The first period of time spent in Penza was not easy for me: I found myself without the support of relatives and friends ... But all my worries were groundless. The university has given me not only good knowledge, thanks to which I can become a highly qualified specialist-diagnostician, but has also helped me to reveal my potential, first of all, creative one. I am grateful to everyone with whom fate brought me together during my studies in Penza!”

59 people graduated from the Institute of Teacher Education in 16 programmes: "Physics", "Chemistry", "Biology", "Music", "Psychology", "Linguistic education", "Linguistics", "Mathematics", "Geography", "Psychological and pedagogical education”, “Special education (Defectology)”, “History”, “The English language”, Biology and chemistry”, “The Russian language and literature”.

Aminata Sissoko (Mali) graduated from the Faculty of History, Languages and Literature, and this year she has become a certified linguist. “I really love Russian culture, and linguistics is, first of all, working with a language that reflects not only the inner world of a person, but also their national culture. During my studies, one of the most significant achievements for me was the victory in the International Digital Student Contest in the Russian language “Homo dices”. In the near future, I am planning to return to my homeland and work as a teacher of the Russian language or become a translator at the Mali embassy in Moscow. And to all students who continue their studies at PSU, I would like to wish energy, striving for knowledge and attentiveness,” emphasized Aminata.

Aiym Kutmanova, a graduate of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Sciences from Kyrgyzstan, admits that she does not regret her choice at all: “I did not know who I wanted to become in the future, but I was always attracted by psychology. And Penza lured me with its climate, which hardly differs from that of Kyrgyzstan. This is how I ended up at Penza State University. I am very happy that I was able not only to pass all exams successfully, but also to participate in beauty contests, including “Miss World. Folk Queen” and “Miss PSU”. In the future, I am planning to work in my degree field and, most importantly, to become a real professional! Dear students, never give up, go towards your goals and, of course, study well!”

6 international students have become graduates from the Institute of Sport and Physical Training with a degree in Physical Education. 46 people graduated from the Polytechnic Institute in 2020 people - from the Institute of Law, 8 people - from the Institute of Economics and Administration.

One of the graduates of the Institute of Law - Brahim Ali Siddiq from Chad - is grateful to the University for the years spent within its walls: “Penza has become my hometown. PSU is one of the best universities in the Russian Federation, which graduates really good specialists, and I am very glad that I am also one of them. My profession, which is a lawyer, is perhaps one of the noblest professions, because now I will be able to help people. I say “thank you” to the University for the opportunity to fulfill scientific and educational goals, as well creative and sports ones. During my studies, I got acquainted with students from different countries of the world, their culture and traditions. We international students have truly become a family. Now I am planning to apply for a master's degree in France, but I will always remember my alma mater!”

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