PSU international students are laureates of the international festival "Together we are the whole country"

12.11.2020 09:31

Lermontov Penza Regional Library summed up the results of the international competition-festival of children and youth creativity "Together we are the whole country", which was held from September 25 to November 4 and was timed to coincide with celebrating the Unity Day of the Penza Region peoples.

The organizing committee of the competition received over two hundred applications for participation from individual authors and creative groups from Penza and 23 municipal districts of the region. Among them were international students of the Institute of International Cooperation of Penza State University.

The competition was held in an online format in three categories: "Literary creativity", "Artistic creativity" and "Performing skills". The themes of competition works were: peace, friendship of peoples and cultures, national language, culture, traditions and customs, literature; intercultural dialogue, compassion and mutual understanding.

According to the results of the competition, PSU students - Khakale Titiksha and Desani Hitarth (India) took second place in the category “Performing skills. Dance ", and the vocal ensemble of the Institute of International Cooperation consisting of: Victoria Hitijahubessi (Indonesia), Khusravjoni Karimzoda (Tajikistan), Mohamed Abdelrahman (Egypt), Saakanush Muradyan (Armenia), Pan Xin (China) became the winner in the age category “19-24 years old" in "Performing skills. Singing".

We congratulate the students on their high achievements and wish them further success!

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