PSU hosts a New Year competition among residence halls for international students

28.12.2020 15:43

On 25 December 2020, the traditional New Year competition “I live here!” was held among international students living in the residence halls. The Department of Student Affairs of the International Education Office organised the event.

This year, the residence hall no. 5, residence hall no. 2 and residence hall no. 6/2 competed for winning. Following the results, the places were distributed as follows:

•    The best New Year’s decoration for a women’s room: room 312 (residence hall no. 2), room 807 (residence hall no. 5), room 304 (residence hall no. 6/2);
•    The best New Year’s decoration for a men’s room: room 410 (residence hall no. 5);
•    The best New Year’s decoration of a floor: floor 4, 6, 9 (residence hall no. 5), floor 4 (residence hall no. 6/2);
•    The best New Year’s decoration of a residence hall: residence hall no. 5.

In addition, the results of the first semester were summed up. The most active students were awarded with:

–    diplomas for winning the International Competition-Festival of Children and Youth Creativity “Together we are the whole country” (Choreography category: Titiksha Khokale and Hitarth Desani; Vocal category: Victoria Hitijahubessy, Karimzoda Khusravjoni, Mohamed Abdelrahman, Saakanush Muradyan, Pan Xin);
–    a diploma for participating in the PSU Song Contest “Univervision – 2020” (Victoria Hitijahubessy);
–    diplomas and certificates for participating in the PSU competition “Fresher – 2020” (Vocal category: Inri Reik; Choreography category: Nino Valles Andri Natalya);
–    tickets to the finals following the semifinal game of the KVN Festival “Rector’s Cup” (International team: Malik Ammar, Karimzoda Khusravjoni, Saedi Fejer, Murun Ganbaatar, Saakanush Muradyan, Mohamed Elmakhi);
–    a diploma for winning the International Vocal Competition “Golden Variety Voice – 2020” (Victoria Hitijahubessy);
–    diplomas for winning the Interactive Intellectual Game “Battle of Minds” (PSU team: Aliazgar Zikrov, Benazir Usmanova, Karimzoda Khusravjoni, Malik Ammar);
–    recognition letters for proactive attitude and involvement in organising and holding international events at Penza State University (Aliazgar Zikrov, Murun Ganbaatar, Saedi Fejer, Malik Ammar, Karimzoda Khusravjoni, Victoria Hitijahubessy, Rozygul Nurullaeva).

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