Penza State University took part online in the One Belt One Road international forum

14.12.2021 09:22

The One Belt One Road Forum of the Global Association of World Universities gathered its participants for the sixth time. This association was established in October 2015. in Donghuang City, Gansu Province. Nowadays, it includes 173 member universities, the functions of the General Secretariat are assigned to Lanzhou University, Gansu Province.

Rectors and vice-rectors of 70 universities from 23 countries of the world made reports at the Forum. Russia was represented by only two universities - Penza State University and Baikal State University.

“Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China in the Humanities has acquired a systemic character and has begun to play no less a role than political or economic. Cooperation between educational institutions of the two countries has increased dramatically and reached a level unprecedented in the history of bilateral relations. This, among other things, was facilitated by the implementation of projects within the framework of the One Belt One Road concept, as well as the introduction of specific initiatives, such as government scholarships for education and training at the interstate level,” said G.V. Sintsov.

In his report, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs spoke about the history, results and prospects of cooperation with Chinese universities. The concept and results of the online marathon "Learn the Russian Language and Culture", held at PSU in 2020 and 2021 for schoolchildren and students of China, were also presented.

Let’s remember that Gansu Province and the Penza region have been twinned territories since May 2011.
PSU cooperates with the following universities in Gansu Province:
• Lanzhou University
• Lanzhou City University
• Lanzhou Jiaotong University
• Lanzhou University of Technology
The cooperation is carried out in different areas.

For example, in August 2015, 10 employees of the Office of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Gansu Province took an advanced training course under the programme “Russian for municipal employees” at PSU.

More than 20 PSU graduates continued their studies at the universities of Lanzhou and took master’s degree programmes or post-graduate courses.

In cooperation with Lanzhou City University, PSU is implementing a master's degree programme "World Economy and International Relations". More than 40 people have already received their diplomas and are working in China.

“Cooperation with Chinese universities remains a priority for the international activities of PSU. New forms of cooperation are being introduced, the study of the Russian language and culture is being popularized among Chinese youth, new joint projects are being planned," summed up G.V. Sintsov.

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