New Year Greetings

30.12.2021 13:44

New Year is a holiday that we have loved since childhood. It gives us a unique atmosphere of warmth, joy, coziness and spiritual comfort. It is on these days, at the turn of the outgoing and the coming year, that we hope that all our dreams will come true, that our plans will be fulfilled, that all of us in the new year will enjoy success and celebrate new achievements.

The year 2021 is becoming part of history: it has been a difficult year filled not only with problems, but also with joyful events, acquisitions, victories. We have worked hard: each of us in their place. International students of the best university in the region have studied diligently, acquired new knowledge, gained rich experience from senior colleagues, actively participated in numerous events of the university, have been engaged in creativity, sports and this list is endless. Dear friends, I sincerely wish you that the coming year will become even brighter, more intense, positive and victorious for you!

Dear colleagues, I sincerely thank you all for your work success and scientific achievements, for your loyalty and dedication to your own institute and university! You generously donate your deepest knowledge, your professional, scientific, life experience to the younger generation, our dear students. Let me wish each of you new victories and achievements in the coming new year, as well as great personal happiness!

Let me express special words of gratitude to our honored partners for your selfless work, integrity and personal participation. Your contribution is invaluable! We hope that our cooperation will be long and fruitful!

Wholeheartedly I wish everyone in the new year good health, happiness, love, peace of mind, optimism and endurance, peace, creative discoveries and inspiration, new perspectives worthy of awards! May the new year 2022 bring warmth and prosperity to every family, may it be calm and filled with joy!

Yours sincerely,
Gleb Sintsov
Vice-Rector for International Affairs

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