Anniversary meeting of PSU Indian alumni took place in India

16.03.2023 15:43

Every year, PSU partner Dr. Yuvraaj Solanki organizes a meeting of Indian alumni of the Medical Institute of Penza State University. This tradition originated in 2019, when the first graduates of Penza State University gathered at the Chevalier Group office in Vadodara (Gujarat, India) and established WINDSOR - Western India's Society of Russian Medics. At the moment, the organization unites about 500 Indian graduates from Penza, Saratov, Ufa, Voronezh, Kursk, and Tver.

At meetings, PSU graduates recall their student years, share their achievements and plans for the future. This year's meeting, which took place on March 9, was the fifth anniversary and brought together 150 graduates.

“Even though we graduated from the university 5 years ago, every year we remember with warmth and gratitude our teachers, employees of the Institute of International Cooperation and the leadership of Penza State University, who gave us the necessary knowledge and created all the conditions for building a successful career in medicine,” shared emotions Mayank Pande, a graduate of the first cohort of Indian students.

“In 2022, 66 graduates of the Medical Institute of Penza State University from India successfully passed the Screening Test, an annual test in India for citizens of this country who received medical education abroad. This test is mandatory in India. Only by showing a high result, test participants receive the right to conduct medical practice in the country. Our experience shows that it is quite difficult to pass this test, but PSU, together with our company, is taking the necessary measures to prepare Indian students. The result of this great work is the fact that since 2019, 270 Indian students have graduated from Penza State University, 180 of them have successfully passed the Screening Test and have the right to work in medicine. More than 25 graduates have gone on to residency in India and six have gone to the UK, the US and Canada to continue their studies,” commented Dr. Yuvraaj Solanki.

As a result of the meeting, all graduates who successfully passed the test were awarded letters of gratitude from Chevalier Group.

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