Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Sciences contributes to the advancement of the most significant fields of the humanities and education of individuals, who will be capable of responding to professional and social needs. Graduates are able to work in educational institutions, governmental agencies, survey research services, project and analytical, counselling and marketing organisations, as well as in institutions engaged in social protection, employment, and retirement benefits. The synthesis of pedagogy, psychology and social sciences provides a sound basis for transmitting knowledge into evidence-based practices.

The faculty has many facilities for educating students (lecture halls, logopaedic classrooms, sculpture classrooms). Additionally, it houses facilities for social diagnosis and prevention, social rehabilitation, professional rehabilitation and art-therapy and teaching outdoor games. The art division of the faculty boasts its concert halls, art studio, and laboratory for computer music processing. There are also specialised laboratories for research.

Every year the faculty hosts the International Forum “Music and Education in Today's World” and Musical Competition Festival “Silver Lyre”, which attract participants from all over the world. It comprises instrumental and vocal performances, master classes, round-table discussion, workshops, etc.

Extra-curricular activities of students are rich in variety. They set up choirs, vocal groups, choreographic groups, pop music instrumental groups and arrange exhibitions of their works of art. Faculty students are also engaged in volunteering. They organise events for children and teenagers in asylums, take part in campaigns led by the Pokrov Charity Fund for Family and Children Support and Russian Fund of Mercy and Health.



     Psychological and Pedagogical Education
     Special Education (Defectology)
     Social Work
     Teacher Training: Music
     Teacher Training: Music. Fine Art
     Teacher Training: Pre-School Education
     Teacher Training: Primary Education


     Pedagogy and Psychology of Education
     Psychology: Social Psychology of Individual
     Social Psychology in Education
     Social Pedagogy
     Social Work
     Teacher Training: Primary Education


     General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education
     History and Theory of Culture
     Social Philosophy
     Social Psychology
     Theory and Methods of Professional Education


Applied Psychology
Fine Art and Culture Studies
General Psychology
Methodology of Science, Social Theories and Technologies
Music and Methods of Teaching Music
Pedagogy and Psychology
Pre-School Education and Defectology
Theory and Methods of Pre-School and Primary School Education
Theory and Practice of Social Work


Aleksandr Tugarov
Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Sciences
37 Lermontova Street, building 12, office 222
Tel.: +7 (8412) 54-86-22
E-mail: fppsn@pnzgu.ru

Svetlana Pamfilova
Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
Tel: +7 (8412) 54-86-22

Oksana Nesterenko
Deputy Dean for Social Affairs
Tel.: +7 (8412) 54-88-43

Natalya Stenyakova
Deputy Dean for Research
Tel: +7 (8412) 54-86-22

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